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Full Recruitment from Start to Finish

Reducing Time and Money to Hire ... Recruiting new staff is an expensive and time consuming process, from posting jobs to interviewing. The hiring process is labour intensive. Now it doesn't have to be. We cover the whole process for you, all you have to do is "choose your new employee".... so you can get back to doing what you do best.. while we do what we do best!

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Flexible Pricing For Any Recruitment Need

At jobmatchonline we have a flexible approach to our Job Matching services; with no "set fees" and DO NOT work on a percentage of the salary package.
We have a more "user friendly" process with expert consultants connecting "the right person to the right job" ...  at a fraction of traditional costs

At jobmatchonline we recognise traditional recruiters fees can be cost prohibitive for small businesses, which is why we bring you our Small Business Job Matching Package.

Our Small Business Job Matching Package is designed to meet the needs of very small business at a cost suitable to the needs of the smaller business. Instead of the percentage rate of traditional Recruiters fees, (between 10 - 12% of salary package) we work a flat small business rate, now giving the small business an affordable quality job matching service

How we work
Our process for Small Business Job Matching is a comprehensive procedure, ensuring you get the best quality candidate for your role.

Our strategies throughout the job matching process include:
• Client Brief  - Detailed job descriptions - Compiling a detailed company and job description for promotion of the role (this may entail a client visit by an Account Manager).
• Competency job matching. Candidate Search -  A proactive search for suitable candidates for your role via our database, networking, referral program, print and online advertising
• Advertising -  Writing and placement of press advertising in appropriate print media, writing and placement of internet copy on general and industry specific job boards and our jobmatchonline website
• Candidate Pre- Screening Interviews -  In depth interviewing of candidates either in person, on the telephone or skype subject to location and availability.  Screening of applicant responses, initial telephone interviewing of potential candidates, either new or from our database or referral program
• Reference Checking -  A minimum of one and preferably two in-depth reference checks undertaken for each candidate plus verbal debrief with client (per reference check). If it is not possible to obtain references at any stage or for whatever reason we will advise you why
• Client/Job Profile -  Presentation of client profile and job opportunity to potential candidates, promoting the benefits of the role and client company
• Shortlist -  Preparation of a shortlist of suitable candidates for the role and submitting to the client for assessment. At this stage your Account Manager will prepare an overview highlighting why they believe this candidate is short listed
• Interviewing -  Co-ordinating and booking of interview times with both client and candidate
• Feedback -  After the client and candidate have met we shall obtain feedback from both parties and ascertain interest or answer any questions or concerns
• Job Offer or Unsuccessful -  We will advise the successful candidate and work through the details. For unsuccessful candidates we shall advise them and give feedback if available - at all times promoting the client in a positive manner

Our ongoing service
• Communication -  We manage the entire recruitment process for you. We communicate with the candidate throughout all stages of the process and as well as providing you with regular updates on the progress of your role and status of applicants
• Confidentiality -  We monitor and ensure your privacy and anonymity of employment activities is maintained
• Placement Follow Up -  A follow up service is provided to ensure that the candidate has assimilated into the role to both the client and candidate expectations

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